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Change Management, OD & Leadership Development consultancy

Sensibus Consulting LTD is a niche consultancy in the Organisational Change and Development space. Our approach is grounded in a variety of current methodologies and best practice approaches in change management and leadership development.


What we do…

Our clients benefit from our work by helping them deploy effective change initiatives, transitioning leaders and leadership teams and by having deep cultural and behavioural change to effect.

We are fascinated by how humans relate to each other and by the connections we share. We bring this passion and deep understanding into our clients’ organisations to address the issues that impact on successful change and transformation.

Who do we work with?

Our experience spans across the healthcare, insurance, mining, and financial sectors.

The Experience

The work that we do is based on various theories and practical approaches. We use these theories as conceptual lenses through which we look at what is going on, and to physically enact intervention.

Our expertise

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Our expertise


Change Management


Working with decision making under pressure & VUCA

Organisational Development & Change consulting

Team & Leadership development

My thoughts



What our clients have to say

Empowerment & Leadership Development

I have been working with Niel for 6 months on what is the largest consultancy engagement the HR department at BIMA has ever commissioned*.  Niel’s dedication to our project is amazing to witness; he really cares about the quality that he’s delivering for our stakeholders and never shies from putting in the extra effort to make sure that ‘fit for purpose’ becomes ‘brilliant’.  He works alongside us like one of the team and brings his personality and enthusiasm to bear on everything he produces.  Eternally optimistic and ‘can-do’, I’ve come to not just rely on Niel to advise us but trust him to capture the essence of our vision and deliver accordingly.

Craig Fergusson, Global Head of HR at Milvik / BIMA

Change & Transition

Niel supported Rebel Kitchen during a period of transition and gave comfort and reassurance to the team through a variety of different techniques. His inclusive methods allowed us to open up lines of communication cross-departmentally and between managers and their teams. He is always open, great at tailoring each session to suit the needs of the group and keen for feedback to provide the best training and development he can.

Adam Thompson, Rebel Kitchen

Niel brings a unique and fearless perspective to his consulting/change practice. He is perceptive, rigorous, well-qualified and immensely principled as he brings honesty and witness to group processes and organising. He works carefully with difference and inclusion to excellent effect

Steve Marshall

*In Niel’s capacity of the Programme Development Consultant for Lacerta. Read here about the project: BIMA RUN.

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