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Niel Stander here.

I grew up in rural South Africa and liked adventure from a very young age.

My adventures saw me work in South Africa, Europe, West Africa and the Middle East as a manager, soldier, facilitator, critical care paramedic and an independent change consultant.

My curiosity kept me busy with studies for the past 13 years. I have a National Diploma (N. Dip) & Bachelor Degree (B.Tech) in Emergency Medical Care and Rescue, and have completed a masters degree in Organisational Change through Ashridge Business School and have started a doctorate in Organisational Change.

I am a husband, a dad and an avid triathlete.

Best Wishes

Consulting Service

I am fascinated by relational spaces in which tremendously difficult work can be done.

I help create and hold such spaces in which we can explore the edge of our comfort. By exploring the edges of our comfort, we are able to expand on our ability to work under pressure. This is helpful to clients because it allows them, or their teams to better engage with the complex issues around us. I offer the following services to individuals, groups and organisations:

  • Working with decision making under pressure & VUCA
  • Strategic planning
  • Organisational Development & Change consulting
  • Diversity & Inclusion work
  • Team & Leadership development
  • Change-based project facilitation

Sessions and workshops are offered face-to-face or over various virtual platforms.


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