Are we doing enough to address our biases?

In recent weeks I followed the – very public – fallout from an article that was written by a CEO in South Africa. The article was sexist and celebrated a patriarchal society and male dominance in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). While working in the UK on a Women’s Empowerment initiative, I first learned about… Read More

Inclusion through access.

A couple of months ago I had the privilege to speak to Women across various emerging markets as part of their organisation’s empowerment programme. Of the Women interviewed, 87.5% said that they felt, or were made to feel, that their current practical and leadership skillset provided a significant obstacle to career progression. At the time… Read More

Don’t get out of your comfort zone, expand it!

Experiencing pressure tends to trigger ‘something’ in most of us. Sure, everyone acts differently when under pressure. If I were to give the same simulation to 10 people we would see 10 different reactions. Functioning well under pressure is an extremely valuable skill to have whether you are an executive, medical professional, investment banker, manager,… Read More