What I do…

I convene people and engage them through dialogue so that extremely difficult change and development work can be done. As part of the change work I am fascinated how people react to pressure (and in the changing global environment everybody is under pressure to some extent!). By exploring these reactions to pressure, we are able to expand on our ability to be more effective and efficient under pressure. This is helpful to clients because it allows them, or their teams to better engage with the complex issues around us.

Who & a bit more ‘what’?

I work with individuals and organisations from all industries who. What my clients have in common is that they want to embark on staff & organisational development initiatives and/or want to look at becoming more resilient under pressure. I also help people navigate the messy, volatile, uncertain and ambiguous nature of change and change processes.

Staff & Organisational Development

Since leaving the military in 2004, I have been involved in staff and organisational development initiatives in some shape or form. My experience ranges from being an operations manager (of a brand new adventure company) that designed and implement all policies and procedures to writing or rewriting the curriculum for adult training courses while managing a training college. As a consultant, I am able to work with clients to identify the areas that need development and then help design and deliver effective learning & development programmes to reach these objectives.

Organisational Change

Change is messy! There is an abundance of literature that talks about the impact of change on organisations and people. Not only is change messy, but it greatly impacts on the people involved by creating stress and pressure. I am able to draw from my experience in highly stressful environments to help people become more resilient in facing the stressors of change, while also helping people make better decisions under pressure. People anticipating to face pressure (or who are already under pressure) benefit from this work by being ready to function at their best when times are at their worst.

The Evidence

The work that I do is based on various theories and approaches. I use these theories as conceptual lenses through which I look at what is going on. This body of theory on which I draw is expanding as I make my journey through this ever-changing world and often show up in the research that I am actively engaged with as a student on a doctoral programme in organisational change.


Like my development and change work, my coaching practice draws heavily on a variety of conceptual lenses. The most common of the lenses (or theories) have to do with transactional analysis (that looks at the ego state in which we transact), on presence (looks through the lens of Patsy Rodenburg’s work energy states), and Gestalt psychology (working in the present with what we have now). The relaxed, conversational, and experimental approach is aimed at working with what comes up during the conversation and then exploring the way forward.

A quick look:

Working with decision making under pressure & VUCA

Strategic planning

Organisational Development & Change consulting

Diversity & Inclusion work

Team & Leadership development

Change-based project facilitation

And more!