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If you own or work in a Start-Up, you know how challenging it is to get access to the help that you need. I spoke to some Start-Up founders from various industries to hear what their development & change consulting needs were:

  • 99% would love to hear about and benefit from the fresh perspectives that an external specialist has to offer. 
  • 98% said that budget constraints stopped them from getting external help with development and change projects.
  • 78% seriously needed help with various projects.
  • 91% of founders (in Start-Ups over two years old) would have preferred to address people-related issues before they hampered progress but could not afford it.
  • 81% needed help with recruitment, staff development and learning initiatives.
  • 94% would like access to a coach or critical friend.
  • 97% needed help with establishing a more collaborative and creative company culture or changing the current culture.

Getting help from organisational development & change practitioners can be very expensive and, although the price-tag is justified, beyond the means of most Start-Ups. As a Start-Up founder myself, I offer my full service to Start-Ups at a rate that you can afford. How does it work?

Easy! Get in touch to find out more. 

What is it that I do? Some of my services are listed here. Although this is just an overview of my work as a development and change specialist, I also help Start-Ups:

  • Design bespoke recruitment workshops that allow them to get to know potential candidates (that look good on paper) better by looking at their performance in action. These workshops are great to look at soft skills (i.e. communication, leadership, creativity etc). 
  • Become unstuck by offering a new and critical perspective on the issues that they are experiencing.
  • Help establish a healthy, sustainable, people-centred, communal and collaborative culture as the business grows.
  • Give attention to the critical people-side of their business.
  • And more!

Get in touch to see how I could help you with development and change initiatives.


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