Empowerment & Leadership Development

I have been working with Niel for 6 months on what is the largest consultancy engagement the HR department at BIMA has ever commissioned*.  Niel’s dedication to our project is amazing to witness; he really cares about the quality that he’s delivering for our stakeholders and never shies from putting in the extra effort to make sure that ‘fit for purpose’ becomes ‘brilliant’.  He works alongside us like one of the team and brings his personality and enthusiasm to bear on everything he produces.  Eternally optimistic and ‘can-do’, I’ve come to not just rely on Niel to advise us but trust him to capture the essence of our vision and deliver accordingly.

Craig Fergusson, Global Head of HR at Milvik / BIMA

*In Niel’s capacity of the Programme Development Consultant for Lacerta. Read here about the project: BIMA RUN