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Who Am I…

Hi there, I am Niel Stander. I am a family man, proud South African, nature lover, and recreational runner. I am also an experienced Organisational Development & Change practitioner. My journey through life is witness to my energy and passion to learn at the edge of discomfort.

I attended a Technical High School in South Africa and my experimentation with electronic devices got me into trouble on a regular basis! My career path was clearly leading to some role in the electronics industry.

Or not! After leaving school I held a position as a Sales Assistant for some time and then a position as a Gearbox (transmission) Mechanic. I really enjoyed both of these roles but felt that I could do more for society in general. And then I had a conversation with a stranger that changed my life forever.

A stranger sat next to me while I was reading a brochure about the armed forces. At that stage I considered enlisting with the hope of touring the world! The man looked over and said: “If you want an almost impossible objective, try to join the French Foreign Legion”. I remember it like yesterday. And that is what I did. The FFL helped develop my leadership skills and instilled values in me that I still cherish today.

After suffering an injury I returned to South Africa in late 2004. For the next year I helped develop and lead an adventure company and the group of people who worked there. Although it was great fun dangling in the air I was once again back to the feeling of not doing enough. In 2006 I started out in the Emergency Medical Service as a Basic Ambulance Assistant and worked my way upwards to qualify as an Advance Life Support (Critical Care in some countries) Paramedic in 2010. Since then I worked actively as a frontline medical practitioner, and continued with development & change work in various leadership positions and in various (amazing!) environments.

In 2015 I was finally able to learn the language of change and development when I embarked on a Master’s degree in Organisational Change and I am able to continue that journey as a Doctoral student in the same specialty. Assisted by relevant experience and a strong theoretical base, I am able to continue my change and development work and bring my skills to individuals and client groups as an independent consultant.

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